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5 Up and Coming Crypto Currencies to Watch Out For

Crypto currencies are becoming increasingly popular, but many of us are still a little confused about what exactly the options are other than Bitcoin. Here we will take a look at some of the other crypto currencies which are rising fast, to help you make a good investment.  

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Monero is a fast-rising currency and performed extremely well last year. It is completely anonymous – all transactions are recorded although they are impossible to trace. There are already millions of Monero in circulation, and the supply is infinite, unlike Bitcoin.  

Cardano is another newly created cryptocurrency which is growing fast. Only months after release it was already in the top ten currencies. It is still being developed further, in order to make it more widely accessible to everyone. There is a finite supply of the currency, and over half are already in circulation.  

Iota is a new digital currency which is thought to be the first which doesn’t use a blockchain. It can also be used offline and transactions made using the currency won’t cost anything. Iota is mined via transactions – so every time a user makes a transaction, two others are validated. This means, unlike bitcoin, it doesn’t have to be ‘mined’.  

Bitcoin Cash is a fork of bitcoin, which operates differently. Transactions are said to be faster and the associated fees aren’t as high, which gives it a possible advantage over Bitcoin.  

Ethereum is one of the biggest digital currencies behind bitcoin. It is popular with big businesses thanks to its use of blockchain technology.