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7 Tricks To Save Thousands On Your Next Car

Your car or the new van deals are one of the biggest investments that you make. And knowing these 7 tricks will let you save a lot of money on your next purchase.

If you can then pay in cash

If you have the money then do not opt for a loan and rather pay in cash. This would let you save a lot of money which you would otherwise end up paying against the loan. Also, some dealers would be ready to offer you an additional discount if you are ready to pay in cash upfront.

Do not buy the car from the first dealer you meet

Shop around a bit and this could let you get a discount on the purchase. You could also grab a discount from the dealer.

You need to research well on the car

You need to know the market value of the car that you wish to purchase. This is important before you head to the dealer to make a purchase.

Buy a used car

You could opt for a car which is many years old and this will let you get some additional discount. A used car will give you the same features at a lower price.

Negotiate with the dealer

Negotiate with the dealer and more so if you see some flaws in the car. Just walk away if you think that the price does not seem to be right. This could indeed let you save on quite a few dollars.

Trade your used car

If you have used the car then you could trade that against the new vehicle. Some of the dealers will accept the trade-off if you agree to give a downpayment.

Know the costs involved

Factor in all the costs that go toward buying the car. This includes the insurance, extra features, registration; interest rate etc. The monthly payment could look to be reasoned but when you consider the interest that you are paying towards the car it could be a good deal of amount.