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The Ultimate Travel Money and Foreign Exchange Money Saving Tips

Do you want to go to a Bangkok, Thailand or Shanghai, China but don’t want to get ripped off of your money and lose a bunch of it to those rip-off rates you’ll find at the airport? Heading overseas and want to know the best ways to make sure you can save money while you do it? We have compiled this article to show you some of the best travel money and forex money saving tips that you can get today.

  • Convert your money at the bank and not at a random foreign exchange booth

When you use your credit card, make sure to convert your currency at a bank rather than a random exchange, most likely the random exchange will rip you off by giving you a rip-off exchange rate that most random booths will have. Although banks will charge you for transaction fees, it’s not nearly as bad as some of the rates we’ve seen while going to Poland, Russia, China or to Mexico.

  • Get yourself a good prepaid travel card

Prepaid travel cards are a pretty new thing on the market, they are purposefully designed for people in situations like yours, once you’ve put money on the card, it isn’t subject to exchange rate changes as long as you purchase in the right currency that you’ve agreed to in the beginning. Prepaid travel cards also don’t have a surcharge if you are withdrawing from the same currency you put on the card, they do often have a standard ATM surcharge, which is in the range of 3$ or so, but they aren’t more expensive than regular cards and they work well for most travelers travelling to countries with working ATM machines, which is almost all countries in most decently developed cities.