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Top 10 Personal Finance Habits Everyone Should Follow

What you must know when you begin the money game!


I never knew the importance of saving up till I had landed myself on a rainy day. I have always been somebody who has lived for the day. I did not really believe in saving up and all the attendant drama, yes, that is what I thought when someone triode knocking some sense into me. But they say, the experience is a great teacher and I learned my lesson early in life and for that I am glad.

Saving money can be one sure shot way of saving your self-esteem:

I was only short of becoming homeless. I would have been crestfallen if something so tragic had actually taken place. But Jesus saved me from disgrace. I had lost my job and suddenly I realized that if I did not have the money from my salary slip into my account I had nothing else in the bank account even to last me the rent up to the next month.

Budgeting came into my vocabulary only since:

I realized that what a virtue the science of budgeting is. It was new to me but I learned it early enough to not be a loser. I began to dedicatedly write down my meager income (I got a job by the way soon after) across my expenses and made sure that I cooked at home and reduced my outing to just one in a week. This helped me also in creating a savings corpus which I realized would have had been helpful if I had been slightly careful earlier.

No to impulsive shopping:

I canceled all the shopping sites form my smart devices and preferred to go physically shopping. This made a tremendous improvement in my financial condition. I realized that I was a binge shopper. All that changed and my better days were in the offing.

You can read about the other prudent ways that I adopted to get back on track. I believe these ten things each and every one must practice in order to be happy. Lp is the site to hit on.